Innovate IP

Specialist Home Solutions

Innovate IP are a specialist team of professionals with experience in small, home solutions all the way through to enterprise projects. Whether its fixing home WiFi “deadspots” or full business infrastructure design and implementations, we can help.



Wired Network

Where possible, wired network connectivity can be beneficial for homes. With there now being so many wireless clients on networks such as phones, tablets, laptops and speakers, it is good to hardwire fixed devices like Smart TV’s, Sky/Virgin boxes and having wired facilities in home offices. We can install network data cable throughout the home to get more devices off your wireless networks and onto the more reliable wired, this in turn also frees up your wireless network for devices that are wireless only.

Wireless Networks

People so often have issues with the home WiFi, there is various factors that can be effecting connectivity such as; poor service provider usage, not enough coverage around the property, slow internet speeds from the service provider, overload of devices, certain applications taking up too much bandwidth- the list goes on. Some of these problems are easier to solve than others. There are some issues that can be solved by reconfiguring the wireless router, there is some that may require the purchase of a more performant wireless access point(s). We can help evaluate your specific situation and offer you with solutions to solve these issues.


We supply and fit full CCTV systems using best in class products enabling you to monitor your home, even when you are not there. We have varying ranges of solutions, from lower priced “starter” solutions, to solutions recording 4k footage from dozens of cameras of which can trigger alerts to the homeowners when movement is detected in certain areas of the footage- and everything in between!

Smart Home Technology

Today there is lots of ways you can automate your way of living, from speakers to lighting to automatic blind control. Let us help you build a solution that fits your requirement!