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Choosing the right kitchen for you.

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting time. Making sure you have the help and advice is essential in planning the layout and room required for your kitchen.
Take the time to think about your needs for your kitchen, do you require more storage or a double fridge freezer for example.
Firstly have a good clear out, I’m sure in the back of your cupboards you have some items you probably haven’t seen in years. Take note of items you use daily and maybe all the items you don’t use every day but come in handy.
Now you will have a better idea of your needs.

If you are planning on having a full kitchen remodel (change around ) you need to think about the Plumbing and heating. Where will your new sink be situated, would it be better if the washing machine and dishwasher were close by. Heating, would you require heating to be moved or do you require an extra radiator.
The kitchen layout is an important part of your planning, L shaped or galley? If you are staying with your original layout it will save you time and money but if you want to create a whole new space the options are endless.

Traditional, modern, contemporary, your kitchen should be unique to you. Matching a kitchen to the style of your home is very important, you want to make your new kitchen fit perfectly with your style and taste.
Once you have decided on your layout you now can look at the finish and colour.
Wood is perfect for traditional kitchens, or modern kitchens with natural finishes
Gloss is perfect for contemporary kitchens with sleek, smooth designs and reflects light to keep your kitchen looking bright
Matt is perfect for all types of kitchen and is probably one of the easiest to clean
Doors and worktops are available in all colours and styles. The possibilities are endless.