10 Kitchen storage and organization tips

When planning your new kitchen people often forget about the amount of storage they need. We have come up with 10 top storage and organization ideas for the modern-day kitchen.

1 Above and beside the fridge.

People tend to forget about the space above the fridge. Adding an extra cupboard can give you more than enough space for all your pots and pans or hiding your snacks from the kids.

Space can also be lost at the side of the fridge this can be made into pull-out storage for cans, spices or even the ironing board.


2 Island storage.

When choosing to have an island in the kitchen think about adding in a closed cupboard for food or plates or open shelving for all your recipe book.

3 Tall wall units.

Adding tall or extra tall wall units to maximize the potential storage space in your kitchen.

4 Corner units.

Usually, the corner unit is hard to keep organized and can reduce the potential amount of storage space. By adding a carousel or wire rack pull out can help with usable space and organization

5.Under counter bin storage.

Keep your bins hidden away and gain more floor space with under counter bins. You can add extras for recycling.

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6. Draw space 

Drawer dividers are a great way to bring order to kitchen drawers, giving cutlery and utensils a home. Why not think beyond your silverware and use to organize baking accessories, table decorations or even spice jars?

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7. Open shelving 

If adding extra cabinets isn’t an option, extra shelving might be. Taking up less space than a cabinet, shelves are flexible enough to be used in many spaces – above dining tables and doorways, next to sinks and even below wall-mounted cabinets. Free up space on worktops by storing small appliances or keep a cookbook collection where you need it most. Floating shelves are ideal for tight spaces as you won’t need room for brackets.

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8. Wall mounted racks and rails 

Hanging rails can be a great way to clear the clutter off your worktops. Use for kitchen utensils, or to keep cups and mugs handy for your kettle.

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9. Expandable Shelf Organizer

A handy expanding shelf organizer makes the most out of your cupboard space while letting you easily see what you have and what you need from the shops.

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10. Leave no space unused 

Make sure to make use of even the smallest spaces to get the most out of your kitchen. a tilt-down drawer at your sink, is a handy way to store sponges and cloths.

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